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Wash Areas


Donné and Chad Putting that Equipment to work and clearing a bit more of that 120 acres for some more riding space.



Any horse facility is always made of people as well as their horses. Here are some of the staff of Kendon Horse Park.

Donné Reese

The owner and operator of Kendon Horse Park. She lives on the premises, is a graduate "A" Pony Clubber, USDF bronze medalist, FEI level dressage competitor and former Preliminary Level Eventing Champion.

Kenneth and Chad with the other family members.

Donné's family and maintenance staff. We keep the place running smoothly.

The Equipment…  not exactly “People” but this stuff is what really does the work.


20990 Ft Christmas Rd
Christmas FL, 32709
407 - 965 - 1568

Web Page: http://www.kendonhorsepark.com
email: kcr@kendonpark.com