Kendon Park offers for purchase specialty Mechanical Hardware items and Engineering Computer Software. The highly technical software is specifically aimed at understanding and solving Thermal and Vibration Analysis issues. The Software packages have been commercially utilized and tested since 1978. We believe you will find the Software technically exceptional as well as highly user friendly. Companies have found these routines to be easier to use than Ansys, Nastran, Sinda, and Tina. Complex models are easily evaluated while ease of use remains paramount in KCR Products Software routines.

The combination of technical expertise and user adaptability makes our Analysis Software an essential tool for your company. Engineers using our software achieve more accurate results in a reduced time span. The software Engineers at Kendon Park have extensive knowledge and background in thermodynamics. Their experience has come from the aircraft industry as well as the electronics industry. The Analysis Routines are flexible and capable of determining temperatures within a variety of mechanisms.

The hardware items we offer are diversified. They were developed because we needed the item and we could not find "something suitable" to use. You may also find them useful.